Thank you so much! We surpassed our goal of $135,000. With the 2nd collections and the plaque commemorations we will have raised $141,827! All the plaques are now full. The largest window of the Holy Family in the front of the church will have a plaque to commemorate all our efforts. Each window is now protected on both sides with clear poly-carbonate.  May they inspire our worship for generations to come!

$141,827 was raised! 100%

BB gun hole and crack.

Cracked glass falling out.

Glass pulling away from lead.

Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary


St. Patrick


St. Jude Thaddeus


St. Francis of Assisi


The Baptism of Jesus


St. Anthony of Padua


Jesus in the Garden


The Good Shepherd

St. Ann and the Blessed Virgin Mary

St. Joseph


Sponsored by all the Parishoners:  The Holy Family


The Importance of
Sacred Art

“The place where God gathers his people powerfully draws them more deeply into communion and expresses in beauty God’s profound holiness… and every work of art in the church (statues, glass, sacred images, etc.) can lead us to the Divine, because Christian beauty manifests itself as an echo of God’s own creative act and therefore should reflect the best of our artistic heritage.”
-cf. Sacramentum Caritatis #41

All parishioners shared the sponsorship of the largest window of the Holy Family.

History:  Here we see the original home of the windows.  Thanks be to God and to the parishioners who brought these windows to us.  Let us be a part of this good work and help bring them to generations to come.

Original Church