All of us are already engaged in ministry. Together in the Mass, we offer Christ to the Father for the good of ourselves,  the Church, and the world.   With the presence of God and his grace, we minister to our families and all we meet every moment of our lives.  But it is also good to be involved in organized ministries because we can do more together than apart; indeed our parish and our community needs us.  For our own continued growth and for all those in need, please consider trying out any of the following ministries.

“Upon all the lay faithful, then, rests the exalted duty of working to assure that each day the divine plan of salvation is further extended to every person, of every era, in every part of the earth.” –St. John Paul II

Liturgical / Mass Ministries

  • Holy Communion
    • Minister at Mass
    • Minister visiting the Homebound
  • Lector / Reader
  • Porter / Usher
  • Acolyte / Altar Server
  • Choir / Cantor
  • Launderer of Cloths used at Mass

Catechists / Teachers

  • Kindergarten-8th Grade (1st Communion)
  • High School (Confirmation)
  • Adult
    • RCIA / Confirmation
    • Continuing Formation Groups / Studies

Community Outreach / Activism

  • Respect Life Ministry
  • Faithful Citizenship
  • Food Pantry

Service Groups & Practical Help

  • Knights of Colombus
  • Office Help
  • Building & Grounds Help

Consolation & Healing

  • Martha’s Ministry
  • Healing Ministry
  • Intercessory Prayer Group
  • Grief / Bereavement Ministry

Social Groups

  • Knights of Colombus
  • Martha’s Ministry

Until we have time to add the descriptions and contacts for each ministry, please use the following document and contact Fr. Jason at or 805-904-0085.  Thank you!